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Research for Good Australian Casino Games

If you’re going to play online at a casino in Australia, you’ll want to find a casino where you can find the best casino games. You can often choose the way you want to play. You can play different games online. For example, you will often encounter games like online roulette, blackjack and punto banco. In addition, there are several slots and video slots available at the online casinos.

Which casino game you choose is of course always up to you, but you need to know how to play before you choose a game. If you want to play a game that you don’t know yet, you can always choose to try a game for free. Online casino games are generally available in a free version where you get free credits from the online casino to play with. Playing for free can give you the advantage of understanding a game first, but also if you want to try out a certain strategy, playing a free casino game is a good option.

Grab Your Welcome Bonus as a new Player

Fun is of course if you are going to play a game online for money. After all, a casino is there to bet money that you can use to win money again. Playing for money is always easy and fast. All you need is an account to play with that you have deposited some money into. Depositing money at an online casino is always easy. Because the casino is focused on an international market there will always be a possibility that you can use to get money into your account. If you play for money you can play all normal games, but you can also use the live casino online.

When you play at the live casino you will always find live games like Roulette, Blackjack and Punto Banco. Playing this way is a lot of fun, because you can directly bring the casino to your own home. To get the ultimate casino feeling, you don’t have to take a step outside the door. Through a live connection to the casino you can see right away what the dealer at the table is doing. You place your bets and any winnings will be processed directly into your account when you complete a round of play.

Whichever of the online casino games you choose, there are always plenty of opportunities to win. Depending on the casino, the range of games on offer is often very large, so there is always a game that suits you best.

What Online Casino Games Are There?

casino games

Online casino games are as diverse as the people who play them. And as with so many online casinos on the internet, you’ll literally be spoiled when it comes to making a choice between all these types of casinos. And when you’ve finally made a choice from the variety of online casinos on offer, you still have to make a choice from one of the many games. So which casino or game do you choose? While we can’t make the choice for you, of course, as everyone has their own taste, we can point you in the right direction by telling you what’s popular with online gamblers in a category.

Casino Games Facts:

There are plenty of casino games for everyone’s taste

Always read the strategy of the game first

Play a casino game with the highest win rate

The Most Played Games

Slot machines

Below a short Explanation about the 3 above mentioned games

Blackjack with high stakes and/or Live

If you want to play online blackjack with high stakes, it’s important that you end up at a safe and reliable Dutch casino. We have selected several online casinos for blackjack where you can bet high on the blackjack tables for hours on end. Different variations are available such as the mini blackjack, double exposure or just single deck blackjack which is played with one deck. High bet blackjack online is for players who have a little more to spend, or players who are more advanced and know the rules of the game well and maybe even use blackjack strategies to influence the odds.

What is the maximum amount of money I can bet on the tables?

The blackjack game that we have given as an example can be played with a maximum of 500 dollars. For an online casino this will be quite high and you don’t have to bet much more to make it look very exciting. Because of the reliable software you can play blackjack at your own convenience with a lot of money. The big advantage of this is that you can receive high payouts when you win a hand. For each round of play, you can decide how much money you want to bet. In this way, you can also reduce your bet to 100 dollars per round, for example. Below we have shown you how much you can bet on the blackjack tables with us. For example, a table with one play option will be less bet than a table with five hands to play at the same time.

Low bet blackjack: Betting options ranging from 0.10 cents to 5.00 dollars per hand (maximum 25.00 dollars with 5 hands).
Blackjack regular bet: Betting options of between 1.00 dollar and 40.00 dollar per hand (maximum 200.00 dollar with 5 hands).
High betting blackjack: Betting options of between 25.00 dollars and 500.00 dollars per hand (maximum 2500.00 dollars with 5 hands).

Maximum benefit from welcome bonus for blackjack

As a new player, the best option will be to take maximum advantage of a cash bonus when playing high bets in blackjack. The high bet blackjack tables are waiting for you and an extra penny of money can come in handy. By signing up online at one of the casinos below, you’ll get a cash bonus that can be used at the online blackjack tables.

Live Blackjack

Blackjack is a game that has been played for years by many different players in the Netherlands, but also all over the world. Nobody really knows exactly when it came into being and where it comes from. Despite the fact that the origin of the game is not entirely known, it remains a nice game that you can play online and offline in many different ways. Playing blackjack is not difficult at all, because there are few difficult rules attached to it. The principle remains the same online as in a regular casino. You have to make sure that the cards you are going to play with are as close as possible to 21 points. If the first 2 cards you receive from the dealer are equal to 21 points, you will immediately have a blackjack and your bet will be rewarded with 2.5 times the bet that you will receive back. When playing blackjack you will encounter many different variations that you can start playing. Usually the standard game is used so that the blackjack remains live online for everyone to play.

Blackjack live is more exciting with real dealers

If you’re going to play live blackjack, you can go to almost all of the online casinos in our Toplist that have made a live casino available to you as a player. You’ll end up in the standard blackjack game where you’ll have to compete against a live dealer. Playing blackjack live is a lot more fun, because you feel like you’re in the casino while you’re just sitting at your computer at home playing the game. You make your bets in the live game where you have a direct view of the blackjack table and the dealer. Once the bets have been placed, the live dealer will immediately continue to play and by playing you will find out whether you win or lose. While playing, you can chat with the dealer and any other players at the table. Because you all play against the dealer, the atmosphere is always pleasant, as you don’t have to beat anyone else at the table. Whether you win or lose depends entirely on your choices with certain cards and of course also on the cards that are dealt to you.

Getting as close as possible to the 21

Playing blackjack is, as mentioned before, very easy to understand. You have many opportunities to get as close as possible to the 21 points. The dealer, on the other hand, is more limited in his ability to take a card and must abide by predetermined rules. Each card stands for its own value, where a picture as a peasant, a woman or a king counts for 10 points. In addition, the Ace is worth 1 or 11 points. If the dealer has 17 points or more during the game, he must stop. The dealer is not allowed to take any more cards and the game is ready for him. However, if the dealer has only 16 points or less, he is obliged to take a card. This will continue until 17 points or more have been earned. Playing at the live casino is therefore easy and is very easy to understand and learn.

Play roulette with high stakes and/or Live

Online roulette has always been very popular with online casinos. So has the high stakes roulette, especially with the highrollers. You can bet so high on roulette and get even more winnings from a well-predicted number. With us, you can bet up to 500 dollars per round and make a lot of money at the roulette tables. A welcome bonus of 150 dollars at registration will also give you a lot of advantage before you start gambling. Roulette online with high stakes is now possible from the comfort of your own home. As an advanced player, would you like to try this popular table game yourself? Above you can immediately play free roulette to test the game before you start playing with real money roulette.

What is the maximum amount of money I can bet on the roulette tables?

The payouts increase as you increase your wager. The maximum bet for us is 500 dollars. But there are also Australian online casinos that have a higher bet. We have taken our top list as an example because we believe that all of them are one of the most reliable casinos on the Internet and that you want to gamble safely if you play roulette for high amounts of money. Many players who bet high on roulette will also like to use a casino strategy, which can also be found on our site. This way, you can keep this website up to date while playing and take maximum advantage of useful tips and the online game guide for online roulette.

The roulette online gaming table

You can bet on 37 different areas at multiple online casinos. For example, you can bet on thirty-six numbers and on zero, in the dollarpean roulette game. You can place 1 dollar up to a maximum of 500 dollar in a certain area. After you have placed the bet, the wheel will spin, this can also be done with a real croupier in the case of live roulette. With that game you can be absolutely sure that fair play is offered because you can always follow all actions with your own eyes. Different variations are also present such as the mini roulette, roulette pro or french roulette.

Benefit Maximum of Welcome Bonus with online roulette

If you are going to play roulette with high stakes, it will also be important to be able to get a cash bonus. At our online casinos this is the case so you always bring free play money to the roulette tables online. Are you a beginner? Then we can always advise you to first try out the free roulette game on our site, before you start for money. High bet roulette is for the real highrollers and players who can miss the money.

Play live roulette

Playing roulette is one of the most famous table games you can play online at a casino. Any offline casino where you can play will offer this classic game. Roulette was created and developed by a French mathematician. This inventor was looking for a mechanism that would continue to run after he had pushed it himself. This was not entirely successful, but thanks to this invention, the roulette wheel was eventually created. The roulette wheel with which we play contemporary roulette is designed according to the design of the wheel of the French Mathematician.

Online or live roulette

If you want to play roulette you can do this online in several ways. You can choose to play roulette at the regular casino, but also playing at the live casino is a good opportunity to experience even more fun. So when you start playing roulette live, you don’t have to leave home to sit down at a gaming table with a dealer. The real casino can be accessed directly from your own screen. After you have logged in, you can immediately choose the live casino. With your own play money you will be able to get started to beat the dealer at the roulette table. You place your bets and the dealer, who can also be followed via camera images, will start the game. After the ball has fallen on a number, you will immediately see whether you have won or lost. The results will be processed online in your own account for each round of play, so that your balance in your account will always be correct.

Live camera images with flash software

Playing live roulette works the same way as playing roulette at the flash casino. Only the game via camera images is a bit more exciting, because you will experience a bit more experience. Playing roulette live at an online casino is the same as you are used to. The rules of the game are the same, so you can always bet on different numbers, but also on red/black or even/odd. Depending on which variant of roulette you are going to play, you will be able to bet on a roulette table with one 0 or on a roulette table with double 00. In most cases, when playing roulette live, you will always find the version with a single 0. If you want to play roulette in the double 00 version, you usually have to make your own choice at the casino where you want to play. Live roulette not only creates a lot of excitement, but can also generate a lot of profit online. Don’t wait any longer and try your luck playing roulette live!

Play Online Slots

When you think of an online casino, you automatically think of online slots. This is not surprising, as the supply of online slots is huge these days. Playing slots online is very simple and you are largely dependent on the lucky factor. The rules of the game are straightforward, because it’s largely self-evident once you’ve placed your bets. The goal in online slots is to get a winning combination of symbols on one or more winning lines, because that can make a lot of money!

The very first slot machine

The very first slot machine ever built was Liberty Bell, designed by Charles Fey by Charles Fey in 1887. It was a huge success and became more and more popular in the following years. At the beginning of the 20th century it was impossible to imagine life in New York without slot machines. It soon spread to a rich future. This was due to improvements in technology which resulted in a first electronic slot machine, in 1963 and then the first video slot machine in 1996. Since then, the explosion of online slot machines has enriched many households.

Online slots explanation

I’m sure many of you have played an online slot machine before. Playing such a one-armed bandit, as the Americans used to call online slot machines, isn’t too difficult in itself. It is true that over the years all kinds of new features, variations and special rules have been added. That’s why it’s good to see what you can find on an online slot machine and what exactly the rules and payouts are.
Online Slots – The Basics

The basis of online slots is generally the same and has remained largely the same over the years. With every online slot machine, the intention is that you get a number of the same symbols on the reels to form a winning combination.

On the display of the online slot machine you will find winning lines, these are lines on which the matching symbols must appear to form a winning combination. The gameplay of an online slot machine consists of selecting your bet, the number of paylines you want to play and running the reels. Although the number of reels is usually three or five, the maximum number of paylines can vary greatly from slot machine to slot machine. Microgaming even has an online slots concept where you have 243 different ways to win.

Wild Symbols

Just as you can use the joker as another card to complete a combination in the card game of ‘juggling’, in online slots you have certain Wild symbols. A Wild is simply a special symbol that any other symbol can represent and which you use to get the winning combination on the right paylines.


On many online slot machines the Wild symbols also have a multiplier effect. When you make a winning combination using a Wild symbol, your winnings are also multiplied by a factor. This way you can sometimes get up to two, three, or four times the amount for making the winning combination. Finally, wild symbols on online slots are often used to give players access to bonus games.

Scatter Symbols

In addition to the Wild symbol, there is another type of symbol that comes in handy when making winning combinations: the Scatter symbol. The Scatter symbol is a symbol that follows separate rules, because it does not necessarily have to be on the payline to be profitable. These symbols can appear anywhere on the reels to win prizes, and the more Scatters the higher the prize.

The Scatter symbol is often used to cheer the player with multipliers, Free Spins (an extra spin at no cost) and access to the bonus rounds. Scatter symbols are often strongly related to the theme of the online slot machine, such as a racing car on a Formula 1 slot machine.
Online slots strategy and useful tips

With online slots there is little strategy involved, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t influence the advantage of the house yourself. For example, per online slot machine there can be a lot of difference in payout percentages and it’s certainly worthwhile to compare payout percentages, before you make a choice.


Play online casino games for real money!

Whether you’re looking for some relaxation after a stressful day at work or you feel luck is on your side and you think you have a chance to win a nice sum of money, online casinos are the answer to a few hours of well-deserved relaxation or escape after a long day at work. All you have to do is choose your favorite casino game and take one of the best-praised online casinos from our top lists to take your chances. Once you’ve started betting, we recommend that you stay focused, don’t do anything crazy, stick to a strategy and don’t place amounts that exceed your budget. To get more tips on this, make sure you’re not surprised by anything and are all set to play for big money, we recommend that you read all the information you can find on our site, so that you can walk away with a big smack of money on your account!

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