visting an online casino in Australia

Reasons to visit an online casino Australia

There are plenty of reasons to mention when it comes to why you should visit an online casino. The key question, however, is which reasons are most important. We have researched the main reasons why you should visit an online casino Australia.

Find useful tips and advice on how to start your own casino adventure in this article. Get to know five big advantages, and find out why other casino players are increasingly staying at home to gamble online instead of taking a chance at the nearest Australian casino in the area.

1. You have to deal with better odds of winning games

An important reason why you should gamble better on the internet is that the odds of winning are better. Take land based slot machines as an example, and compare them to NetEnt’s online video slots. Then you come to the conclusion that the video slots on the internet pay much better.

There are video slots with payout rates above 97%, 98% and sometimes even 99%. In a mainland casino you’ll often find them around 88% to 92% on average, and in progressive jackpot slot machines this percentage can drop as much as 80%.

Online casino games with a low house edge

With online casino games you have the option to choose a variant or to set the rules of the game yourself. Because game creators enable players to choose from dozens of variants for the best-known casino games, there is often a variant between which the rules of the game apply that gives you the best odds of winning.

Especially if you are going to play a game like blackjack where your own skill can influence the house advantage, it is very important to find a blackjack variant with favorable rules, for example. And fortunately these can be found in all online casinos. In a mainland casino, on the other hand, you often only have one, and if you’re lucky, two blackjack variations available.

Live casino gambling also possible

Do you prefer to look for a casino near you because you want to take on live dealers? Do you want to see a croupier throw the ball physically into the wheel? Do you want to be able to communicate with live dealers in the casino or cheer together with other players in order to win? Nowadays you can stay at home for all the fun extras a casino has to offer.

The excitement and excitement can be found in live casinos of Evolution Gaming. Casino games come in different shapes and sizes with different limits. Below you’ll find the advantages of live casino gambling, and all the games that can be played with a live dealer. Please note that you need an account and real money to play a live casino game.

Traditional table games

The traditional table games, also called the trio – roulette, blackjack and punto banco can be played in the live casino. There are more than 50 variations of live roulette, more than 25 variations of live blackjack, and more than 10 variations of live punto banco. Choose a suitable bet limit and a game based on your own preferences. Gambling has never been easier, with every favorite game at your fingertips. You can even carry it around with you by betting on your smartphone in a mobile live casino.

Live dealers

Hundreds of live dealers are present on the internet. The Evolution Gaming Casino, Pragmatic Play Live Casino and NetEnt Live Casino are currently the most popular if you like traditional casino games. However, one company really stands head and shoulders above others. This is Evolution Gaming. They offer real-time images in multiple locations from their own created live casinos. Casino games that come with a live dealer include live casino hold’em, live texas hold’em, live infinite blackjack, live caribbean stud poker, live three card poker, live 2 hand casino hold’em, live punto banco, live blackjack and live dragon tiger.

Unique casino games come with a presenter, also called entertainers or live hosts. These are casino games like live lightning roulette, live lightning dice, live super sic bo, live dream catcher, live monopoly and live deal or no deal. In addition, some live casino games use a piece of software called Random Number Generator. This generates random numbers in each round and has no memory. For example, no round has any influence on the outcome of future rounds.


If you like to go to a casino for the social aspect, then a land based Casino is perfect for a fun night out. We also don’t advise you against visiting one of the state casinos in Australia. However, at online live casinos nowadays you can easily communicate via a chatbox with other casino players present.

Previously, this was not possible because cameras in land-based casinos hung far above the gaming tables and the quality was rather unclear. Due to its advanced technology, the live casino is able to provide you with high definition quality images. Communication is also facilitated by the fact that the live dealers in a studio offer the casino games.

As a result, there are no real people walking around the casino to place bets. If you choose to experience a real casino, then there are plenty of live casino games that have this to offer.

Other people playing

At the gaming tables during live casino gambling you can meet other casino players. This has been possible in land-based casinos all along, and it was one of the main reasons to visit a casino. By playing in the live casino you can chat with other players and see what profits they make in each round. Congratulate them, talk about the calves, and more. It adds an element of social interaction to gambling on the Internet, and makes your gambling experience more fun.

Good betting limits available

For newcomers, online gambling is suitable because with low stakes you can already play most casino games. Even in the live low bet casino playing is possible. Live roulette from $0.10, live blackjack per hand for only $0.10. It’s all possible. If you go to a mainland casino, you’ll need to place a minimum of 5 dollars or 10 dollars, and in some cases a minimum of 20 dollars. This is bad news for newcomers. It’s one of the advantages why players prefer to play from home because they get to know casino games without having to take too much risk.

Determine the speed of the game progression yourself

Have you ever been to a land-based casino and participated in a round of play at the blackjack or roulette tables? Then you are aware that you have to take into account time limits as other players place bets. Visiting an online casino? Then you play against a virtual dealer, and there are no other casino players present. You decide the pace of play, which is perfect for when you’re planning on launching a casino strategy.

Please note that this advantage can also work against you. By playing faster rounds of play (e.g. a fast spin on roulette), the expected loss per hour can increase dramatically. For example, play around 200 hands online at blackjack, whereas in a land based casino you can only get 30 to 40 hands (sometimes even less) at a busy blackjack table.

Play free casino games online

If you are 100% new to the casino world then it is advisable to start with free casino games online. Free online casinos are everywhere, and our website offers a number of them. They offer you a bonus without deposit, or you can decide to first register without an account and test out every game in the online casino. Another big advantage is that the games are available 24 hours a day. That’s about 4 or 5 hours more than most casinos on the mainland.